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Announce: This is a survey from a protection-gear manufacturer, the purpose is to figure out "what's the best hearing protection gear for users" and try to build a earpro that meets the needs of public. No advertisement. PM me if you wanna know more about this manufacturer.

Hearing protection is as important as eye protection, you only get one set of both and it's best to look after them sooner rather than later.
Do you use earpro while you shooting/working?
What kind of earpro you have?
Are you satisfied with the performance of earpro?
What's the "ideal earpro" for you? Name it or describe your ideal earpro(appearance, performance, functions, cost, etc..).
Is CP(cost/performance) important for you?

If you don't use any earpro, please tell me why.

And welcome to share your story/experience of earpro with us.
Thank you all for reading this.

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