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I would like to see some detailed pictures of this. Seems like the potential for failure is greatly increased by "a little modification". You says its been working working fine for a year and half, but what kind of round count are you talking? 1,000 rds or 10,000 rds?
I would say the potential for any additional failure is ZERO. The CMC trigger geometry etc is in no way modified. the metal housing around it is cut to clear the safety detent lever, and a secondary "dog leg" spring is installed on the same pin as the trigger to act as the longer spring for the safety dent.

Here's a link to FB with the Images posted.. hopefully you can see it.

I don't have a great way to post the pics on here, but if you want to email shoot me a message there, Id be more then happy to shoot em over to ya. (same offer extended to anyone else)

Michael Ueland
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