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Hi guys

i guess the title say probably all because i just want to share you some opinion about some feature originaly planned on the masada but wasn't..

so heres you since the masada introduction by magpul some of us are probably aware of a pdf with some information about the masada right ?

firstly if you read the magpul masada technote on the lower receiver paragraph (page 6) on the very end you will see a mention about a miad-style lower that offert multiples sizes.
Product Computer Operating system Font Rectangle
where that lower ? it could be a great alternative to the current one and also the one on the remington version...

Also on the page 8 on the hanguard section the very last line is a mention about an handguard with integrated light and laser...

Light Rectangle Font Line Screenshot

where that feature also ? it could be an interesing feature...

and lastly according to NickB from magpul (page 3) on the first masada tread he's talk about an aluminium version/option for the basic handguard...

Brown Product Rectangle Font Screenshot

again same question as the others...

some link :
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