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Templar Precision AK lower update (finally)

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Hey guys, after something like 2 years I'm finally approaching the final steps on the AK lower for the Acr. For those who don't know, I started this project before I was manufacturing parts officially for the Acr. Since the project was started it was a printed version and now it's a Billet CNC machined version that will allow for different AK magazines to work with the Acr. So far these work perfectly with 7.62x39 AK Pmags with the steel inserts and Arsenel 5.56 magazines. Others might work but there's a huge difference between different manufacturers of AK magazines. I'll be working on a few custom inserts to allow for some other magazines too.

Here's a couple pics of the test sample I'm wrapping up now. These were delayed significantly with everything going on from Covid, to Remingtons Bankruptcy plus massive updates and internal changes to the geometry to help with function.

The good about these is that as the 5.56 lowers evolved from the first gen made on a hobby based Tormach mill, to the current Lightweight lowers that were cut on a new Doosan DNM-4500 industrial mill.

Currently all Coyote lowers are cerakote while the black are getting sent out for Type 3 Black annodizing.
Air gun Line Gun accessory Composite material Metal

Templar V3 Ultra Lightweight 7.62x39 conversion.

Line Font Tool Metal Blade

[email protected]

I haven't had time to post over here in a long while. Working a full time job and trying to keep the Acr alive all by myself is extremely time consuming. I'm finally starting to catch up so I'll try to stop by here once in a while. I cant make any promises but I'll try. For now the best way to get ahold of me is via Facebook and Instagram as well as email.
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Excellent work!

Thank you for trying to keep this platform alive...
Yes, thank you for all your hard work for the ACR community!

Do you have plans to sell full 7.62x39 conversions kits?
+ 1 on this 👆. Sent email with inquiry.
I'll be doing kits but the issue is I don't have a large budget plus this is my part time job so it delays certain jobs pretty bad.

I have all the prints for the entire rifle ready to go forward but the issue is getting both the time and money to do a run. I'm wrapping up everything in the shop now so hopefully once I get these lowers done I can move to some new projects finally and start making conversion kits. I'm finally getting sitting inventory for the first time since I designed the 5.56 lowers which means I can hold off on those and do other work. Usually I'd be selling lowers while they were getting cut and by the time I wrap up a run I would have to start a new one again.
Ever thought of contacting Franklin Armory to assist in the revitalization of the platform? Seems like you could provide some serious value to the company in bringing the "soon to be perfected" ACR back to life! Who knows, maybe this could be the start of a new journey and a further step towards a career path you seem to enjoy most.
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I've talked to Franklin a few times about the Acr. I'm definitely on their radar.
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I've talked to Franklin a few times about the Acr. I'm definitely on their radar.
let's hope you view you as an ally and an asset, as apposed to competition like much of the gun industry likes to do. :rolleyes:
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This is fantastic, definitely interested in doing this. I hope it all works out!
I've been thinking of getting a 7.62x39 rifle but now I'm quite interested in this. I hope you can get some time to make some man.
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