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I love it! How much do they run? I might get one. How do you work the flashlight?

They retail for $249. The switch is being the light housing. I can flip the switch up or down to turn on.

I was on a budget and didn't want to buy a flashlight, then buy a separate mount, then buy a portable wired switch. (maybe someday on a different setup)

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Hey if you like it and thats your preference who cares if its not a fancy over priced surefire

Just make sure it's good and reliable. I run the X300 on a pistol and it's great. One could also run a Scout light setup for a similiar cost.
(Weapon mounted scout lights go for almost half of retail on eBay, too bad the rest of their models don't tend to go for that low)

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Surefire? I thought I could make that out. I've seen their shotgun versions and was really impressed with how nicely its made and easy to use. I've still got to post my inforce light and cheapo laser mount.
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