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Remington To Sell Civilian ACR Rifle In Early 2010

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This past week, Remington held a new products seminar in Kerrville, TX. While Remington tried to impose a “news embargo” through November 15, details leaked out about many of Remington’s new guns.

The big news is the planned release of a civilian, semi-auto version of the Adaptive Combat Rifle (ACR). The Guns and Hunting Blog “spilled the beans”, revealing that Remington plans to sell a semi-auto ACR in the civilian market, starting in the first half of 2010. Based on a Magpul prototype, the ACR has been under development for two years, as a collaboration between Bushmaster and Remington. Price for the civilian ACR is expected to be under $2000, considerably less than the FN SCAR, a similar weapon now being tested by the U.S. Military.

The civilian version of the modular ACR will likely sport a 16.5″, 1:7″ twist barrel standard. Multiple barrel lengths can be fitted (see diagram above), and barrels can be changed without tools. Remarkably the entire gun can be field-stripped down to six major components in under 90 seconds. The ACR features integral rails on top of the receiver and on the forearm. The buttstock adjusts for length and also folds back using a hinge at the rear of the receiver. The charging handle is non-reciprocating. Weight with a 14.5″ barrel (no magazine) is 7 pounds.

Adam Heggenstaller of Guns and Hunting reports: “The consumer version will be offered with a 16.5-inch barrel, but Bushmaster will also be making barrels with lengths of 10.5, 14.5 and 18 inches. The first version of the ACR will be chambered in 5.56×45 mm, of course, but since a tool-less disassembly allows you to change bolt heads, barrels and magazines, the ACR can be user-configured to run with other cartridges as well. Ongoing development will focus on the 6.8 mm Rem. SPC, 7.62×39 mm, a yet-to-be-disclosed 6.5 mm round and the .30 Rem AR.”

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Well at the eariest based on the timeframe, they would mean the first quarter sometime. At the latest it would be the second quater. If it were any later they would have to say late 2010.
Just think... every day they spend on working on it, it becomes more and more refined and perfect. :)
XCR Monger,
I hope that you are right! And I hope by 2010, they mean we'll be shooting them by March or April!
I really do hope they hurry. Gun laws are getting more and more draconian everyday.
I am going to have to pick up a second job to pay for the thing. ;D
Last I heard it was going to be $1500, up from $1400 when Guns & Ammo ran an article on the Masada and it was scheduled for release in Q1 2008 ( :))). I hope it never tops $1600, that's when I start considering a rifle to be overly expensive.
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