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Posted this on LF'r and ARFCOM so figured it'd be a good first post here.

I have been following the project since the Magpul Masada inception all the way to the Bushmaster ACR debacle so my opinion may be slightly jaded, but its worth what it costs. I recently left the USMC where I served as an 0331 and the ACR was an EAS gift to myself. I know many others on the boards have done reviews of the ACR and I hope my review will serve as a supplement as well as another individual’s point of view. If there are any questions or specific tests you would like to see, let me know and I will do my best as time and budget permits. Now with the disclaimer out of the way lets get down to business.

Initial Impressions:
The Basic ACR comes in a Plano style plastic hard case with Magpul MBUS sights, one 30rd Pmag, and an operators manual. The owners manual is very well done in my opinion, lots of pictures for us “dumb grunts”. Mine is serial number BL0105X, I believe there are a little over 4,000 out in the wild right now so mine was an earlier manufacture.
The rifle feels slightly forward heavy, but not nearly as bad as people have made it out to be in my opinion. When comparing it to rifles I have carried in the USMC with M203’s mounted it doesn’t bother me at all, YMMV. The fit and finish of this rifle a superb in my opinion. Despite my pre conceived notion about Bushmaster producing an entirely new design, when they have trouble getting their AR’s right, I have been pleasantly surprised. At first the bolt release needed a lot of force to be depressed, but after running it through some simulated reloads it loosened right up. A lot of people have complained about the ACR’s selector, but it forces you to move your trigger finger when not engaging from the standard straight finger of the trigger to a 45 degree angle where it rests on the bolt release. All other controls felt natural from the start for me, including the ambi ones. The ergonomics of the ACR really shine. I do wish it had the ambi charging handle like on the original Magpul Masada, but I’ve heard Bushmaster will eventually produce one. I decided to replace the MBUS sights with Troy Micros which was a personal preference for me. I paid slightly south of 2k for my rifle and for that I think it should come with Troy or similar quality BUS. No dig at the Magpul BUS’s, many people love them, but I prefer metal back ups, YMMV. Another thing people have complained about is the basic fixed stock LOP, which may be completely true for some people at 12.5”. Again it was not a problem for me as I enjoy a short LOP and may even shorten it when my folding stock is delivered. The folding stock adjusts from 11-14” so that should accommodate just about anyone.

BZO and Test Fire:
For my first range trip I mounted my Aimpoint ML2 in a Larue mount, Troy Micro‘s, and a Blue Force Gear sling. I still had the basic ACR fixed stock, because my folding stock was on order with Bushmaster.

I was short on time but I fired 40rnds of American Eagle 55grn FMJ and 40rnds of Silver Bear 62grn HP between BZO and different test fires for a total of 80rnds. I used the included 30rnd Pmag and three USGI mags of various manufacture, there were no malfunctions. All mags dropped free and held the bolt open when empty. The rifle has very light recoil straight back, follow up shots were quicker for me than a direct impingement AR. The groups weren’t great but I was in a hurry to get the Aimpoint and Troy’s BZO’d before I had to leave.

25yds 5 shots American Eagle 55grn FMJ:

50yds 5 shots American Eagle 55grn FMJ:

50yds 5 shots Silver Bear 62grn HP:

Second Range Trip:
For the second time out I had received my folding stock and extra Pmags from Bushmaster. If anyone needs a Coyote Brown Basic ACR stock or Coyote Brown Magpul MBUS's shoot me a PM or email and we can work out a deal.

After the first trip the rifle was completely disassembled, lubed, and cleaned. The rifle maintained it’s zero after removing the barrel for cleaning and reinstalling. I ran the rifle through a few drills before it started pouring. The weather in the North East has been crap lately, which is why this review has taken longer to post than I wanted. I decided to take advantage of a puddle forming next to the firing line. Then ran 60rds worth of double taps as fast as I could, no malfunctions.

I continued to run the gun through some movement, positions, and weak side drills. No problems with the rifle, but I did find out my weak side reloads suck. After it was all said and done I had put 320 more rounds through the rifle for a total to date of 400rnds.

Future Plans:
I want to send the barrel off to ADCO and have them chop it and permanently attach a Surefire CAM4FA556 to mount a FA556AR can in the future when funds become available, I’m also thinking of having them re profile it to a lightweight while its there. When I get the proper TORX wrench for my Surefire Scout light I’m going to mount it in one of the cuts on the hand guard at the 9 o‘clock position. When I have more time I plan on running it in some competitions and maybe a class if I’m lucky.

Overall Impression:
So far I am extremely pleased with this rifle. The performance has been more than I expected as well as the fit and finish. Was it worth the bank roll I had to drop on it? Only time and more rounds down the tube will tell but it looks promising. If your on the fence about getting one my advice would be to run some rounds through one or at least finger f**k the hell out of it at your local gun shop. I don’t think its for everyone one but I know a lot of people who would fall in love with it given the chance to shoot one. If anyone wants to travel to South East PA I will gladly let you try mine out. I will do my best updating the thread, answering questions, and listing any problems I might encounter.

Round Count to Date: 400
Malfunctions to Date: 0
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