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I think this was on the pontiac g8 forum I belonged to and it was nice seeing what other people in the community bring to the table. Everythig from beer recipes to chili recipes would be great to share. I have a great chili recipe ill post when im not using my cell phone for the forum. Id like to learn a good briskit recipe myself. Or other ways of cooking ribs. I myself boil them tender then bbq em. So I hope to read some personal favorites. And of course anything with bacon will be a huge hit.

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sauté sliced potatoes and onions until lightly golden. add eggs which have been whipped with milk. you're basically scrambling the eggs on top of the sauteed potatoes and onions. add cheese/salt/pepper/hot sauce to liking.

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here's a quick and easy recipe for Chicken Kelaguen. ( it's Guamanian I'm told).

what you'll need:
1. four or five pounds of boneless chicken breast.
2. three cups of rice.
3. two or three sprouts of green onion.
4. one ripe coconut.
5. a couple jalapenos (optional)
6. one can of corn
7. lawry's seasoning salt
8. dab of butter.
9. lemon juice.

how to prepare.

first make the rice. then cook chicken on the grill or in a skillet on the stove. if on the grill, coat the chicken lightly with butter and sprinkle the lawry's season salt on the breasts. cook them to your preference. if on the stove in a skillet.. just melt butter and add chicken. sprinkle with lawry's season salt and cook to your liking. one the chicken is done you are gonna wanna chop it up real good. I use a mini food processor. you want it to have a texture like chicken salad or tuna salad. now take your green onions and begin slicing them very thin. kind of how they are on potato skins. slice em all up. now crack your coconut and drain milk. you gotta scrap the meat out now. I use a potato peeler and it comes out pretty good. once you have all u can get out, chop it up real thin. kinda like the green onions. now add chicken, green onions, and coconut to a big bowl. add about a half cup of lemon juice and mix it thoroughly. place it in the fridge for an hour to chill.

how to serve:

place a row of fresh hot rice in the center of your plate. on one side add a row a corn about the same size as the row of rice. and on the other side place a row of your chicken. you should have three rows now. serve the chicken chilled with the hot rice and canned corn. if u wanna add some kick, finely slice a few jalapenos and add them to the mix.

I'm not a good cook but this recipe is a family favorite. my kids love it and it doesn't take to long to prepare.

if any one try's this, let me know what y'all think.
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