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I'll update this post as the rifle changes. I have had it about a week and a half, have put roughly 280 rounds through it. The dealer sent the gun back as part of the recall so when I opened the case I was surprised to see 3 PMAGs in the box. I actually said "Woohoo". The dealer boresighted the MBUS' but he put them on backwards (el oh el) so I had to remount them and I still have to zero them at a good range.

I bought a box of 20 TulAmmo steel cased just to see if this would chew them up.. Out of 20 I had 3 FTF/FTE's I blame the ammo.

I have shot UMC and have had zero issues with it. Shot some Federal and had one FTE / Double feed. I wasn't firing the weapon when that happened so it's hard to say what exactly happened.

Otherwise I love this rifle, it's already gotten muddy, has a few dings and scratches. I'm planning on putting an AFG plus XTM panels on the side of the foregrip within the next few days.

I want to put a HWS on it too, but I'm not sure what model to get, I was looking at XPS 2.x's.

I still want a single point sling.

Overall, I love it, I paid 2k for it, worth it totally.


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thats somewhere around when the coyotes started getting released (considering they did them in batches), it looks like you still have the old gas regulator too
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