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Pardon my lack of experience on the matter, and bad pictures to follow :D

Ideally you want to have as much space between the front and rear sight as you can get right, but I haven't seen anybody else with their rear sight hanging off the end like that so I wanted to make sure I didn't overlook something? What do you guys think, am I opening myself up to some potential issues with it installed this way? The only possible issue I can think of is can the rear sight be to close to your eye? It has a smaller hole for increased accuracy right, but having it this far back the small hole doesn't look small now. Maybe that is a good thing, I don't know? I can't really tell a difference between the smaller hole or the bigger one now though since their so close to my eye anyway but that's why I thought I should check with some other people. The bigger hole is almost invisible it seems, more like I was just rubbing my eye and the very edge of my vision is slightly blurry then that I'm actually looking through something.
Hopefully that makes sense? I am open to suggestions

I haven't been back the to range yet to test it like this either though if that matters, I might be able to get a quick trip in the morning but we'll see.

Anyway thanks for the help
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