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Looking to trade you for your ACR Enhanced (Coyote Tan Preferred, but Black would work.)

I am offering:

- LWRC 10.5" M6A2 Upper, OD Green ($1300 trade value/$1200 cash) - GB has them for $1400-$1900
- Lantac Dragon, Costa Ludus Edition - $200 - best break i've ever used, the Chris Costa emblem has been sold out for a while, if you're into that

for an additional 5.56 barrel I can offer:

- Surefire M900 in FDE - New, on the upper but never fired. ($300) Has red nav lights swell as the 'iluminator'
- EOTech 513 in FDE ($450)

Everything is negotiable, let me know what you have and we can go from there...I prefer a Face to Face in VA, but will play the mail game if it is the right deal. Thanks for your time, reply here, PM me or email me at [email protected]

IMG_2446.jpeg IMG_2998.jpeg IMG_6519.jpeg IMG_6923.jpeg IMG_8879.jpeg IMG_9443.jpeg
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