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LAM 1000 (military PEQ-14) rail mounted light/laser module with visible and IR modes made by Insight. I bought it used from a police department buddy of mine and need a new optic more than this. Has 6 modes; red laser, white light, laser&light, IR laser, IR light, and IR laser&light. Pictures show the visible stuff but I don't have a camera that can detect IR. It has signs of use but everything works. Made to be mounted on a pistol but mounts to any standard 1913 rail and has an input for a pressure switch (not included). Really don't want to sell outright, I'm looking for quality used optics BUT money talks. I'd love to find an ACOG but other Trijicon, Aimpoint, and EoTech sights are all on the table. I'm not trying to get a grand out of this but they're not cheap. I have other things laying around that I can part with if needed (armor, helmet cameras, tac lights, plate carrier) for the
right sight.

I have no idea why the pics are upside down, they're fine everywhere else. The first few pics are of it mounted on a Sig P226, the rest are a M9A1, Springfield Operator, and 7.5" upper for reference.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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