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Every time you support the globalists and "made in china" movement you contribute to something less than stellar for the USA

For example:

And here we are, talking about cutting 100 billion from defense so we can pay for welfare, healthcare, and social security.

My unit doesn't even have enough money for new body army and M4's, but we can afford $2 trillion for the so called stimulus nightmare.

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I agree with RWS591. You cannot live in this world without a large percentage of your money being spent on items made in China. There may be a Socialist agenda to raise labor costs, through the unions, to encourage overseas manufacturing, but not all manufacturers are choosing that direction due to Unions. I know a guy who actually manufactures shoelaces. Well he used to manufacture them here in the U.S. He is one of the largest suppliers of shoe laces for Nike. He had to move his operations to China in order to stay competitive or risk losing business with his buyers like Nike. So he reduced his factory to a 3 car garage where he makes them for local stores, etc while increasing his production levels in China.

Free trade and competition are the main reasons why people do that. We have little choice now-a-days. And with all the taxing and regulations/compliance requirements, why on earth would anyone want to manufacture here in the U.S.?
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