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Looks neat. I'm really curious about the shooting characteristics.

The HK416 already has a thumping recoil impulse, and with the 416C having very little buffer travel, it will be interesting to see how it shoots


Small. Lightweight. Powerful. The ultra compact family member.

The HK416C is an ultra short cal. 5.56 mm x 45 NATO assault rifle – the smallest member of the world reknowned HK416 family. With it's 9" barrel the HK416C is small enough to be deployed in confined environments yet with the power and accuracy to achieve the objective.

Key features:

Free-floating MIL-STD-1913 picatinny handguard
New retractable buttstock design
Trend-setting rifle concept for special operations
Reliable HK-proprietary gas piston system
Gas regulation for use with suppressors/different types of ammunition
Cold forged barrel for maximum lifetime
Fully ambidextrous operation
Commonality with the HK416 family
Compact and lightweight
Reduced training time
Target usage:

Special Operations (Close Quarter Combat)
Support personnel (Personal Defence)
Para Trooper

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Interesting looking lil' rascal there!!

Knowing HK, probably good shooter, but I don't think a 3-4 round burst will stay on target.

Time will tell

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Hmmmm, now that I look at it closer, the grip looks like it might have a different angle to it. Love to try it, looks like a fun blaster.
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