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Any violation of the Forum Rules, may lead to a permanent Ban.

1) Derogatory Remarks – DO NOT post any comments or content that are intended to be personal attacks against other members. (Including, but not limited to, name calling, comments of a racial, religious or sexual nature.) Healthy debate is welcomed and encouraged. Personal attacks and name calling serve no purpose in this privatetly owned forum. Please be respectful to your fellow shooting enthusiasts whether they are new shooters or seasoned veterans (we were all new once).

2) Information, Links, and Images, – No smut, porn or information on illegally modding firearms. No threats of violence against individuals or government entities. Do not post anyone else's personal contact information (including home phone numbers, addresses, and unpublished email addresses).

3) Contact The Manufacturer or Dealer First – Unsubstantiated comments or rumors that might affect the livelihoods of a lot of hard working people in the industry will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with a manufacturer or dealer, work it out with them first if possible before posting how much they suck here.

4) Trolling – Posting comments with the sole purpose of starting pissing matches with members, libel persons or groups, or to disrupt the forum, and your stay here will be short.
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