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Can't believe nobody's posted this here yet...

The guy who won the raffle for the ACR at the AAC Silencer Shoot awhile back finally got his rifle, the first production example to be released "in the wild," AFAIK.

From another forum:

Nope, not on gunbroker yet.... Still deciding what to do with it. Wondering what it could bring, but to me it would have to be a pretty high number to concider getting rid of it. Ive been in this situation before and made some quick cash, but after it all was said and done didnt feel good about it. Everything has a price and even before I took ownership of it today i was wondering if i should even fire it. When i got it home today all i wanted to do was run about 5k rounds through it. Would be a shame as they will be available next year and i can beat the crap out of one then. Ill post pics and info for everyone in a bit, but first would like to say the following:

1. I would like to thank Joe, Kevin, Mike, Corry, and the gentlemen at Remington/Bushmaster for the oportunity and tact of offerring the rifles to the civillian market before LE/Military Orders.
2. I would like to thank Mike, Ross, and Tom at Spikes for the invite and great time at the Silencer Shoot.
3. I would also like to thank George for drivng my interest.

There, with that said like a grammy winner. Here is a few new rumors that ive heard along the road of the last 3 months. Remember these are rumors, nothing more!!!!

1. LE options will be offered around the 1st of Jan 2009. This involves armorers classes, product description and testing. These orders will drive the production numbers.
2. LE models will be offered in Black.
3. Military is still testing and will most likely be the FDE/Tan.
4. Civillian release is now looking between late May to early July.
5. Civillian models will be offered in Black with the possibility of FDE/Tan if there is a need or demand for the product line.
6. There will possibly be a OD or Green Model release. This may be an all green or a black with green furniture.
7. 5 units were initially made for this offer to the public. 2 for the Shoot, 1 for the Magpul Auction/Raffle, and 2 for shot show 2010. All were destroyed due to an issue with the ATF.
8. The 2 rifles that were released for the Shoot and the 1 for the Magpul Raffle, were the first and only to be released to the public and/or LE/Military Market before Shot 2010.
9. The Pic Rail design hand guard will most likely be the Gen-3 model on the website. The Gen-4 model may be offered if demand sees fit.
10. The MOE type Forward Plastic will be offered as an option and has been under production.

Some quick facts about the gun to ease everyones minds for the time being.....

1. Mid length gas system, 16" barrel, m4 profile, AAC break for m42000 Can. New ratchet and lock design.
2. Gen-4 Rail system with removable pic rail sections. Rail moves a little in rear if twisted. (See Shoot Photos)
3. Came with both the new style folder with spring lock and the fixed stock.
4. New style gas block, no bayo lug,
5. Gun is Black.
6. All kinds of Q/D options on both sides of the rifle.
7. Charging handle can be flipped left or right, up or down.
8. Great fit and function, and is very easy to figure out. Rear upper pin hangs slightly when in out position.
9. Trigger is 100% better than SCAR and is very crisp. (Looks to be a standard AR style, might be wrong though)
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