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I finally got my ACR! I bought a basic in black; I paid a little over 2K. I equiped it with an aimpoint H1 on a Larue mount (mid height); for now the magpul MBUS' will do but I plan on swapping those out for Troy Micro BUIS when I have enough $$ saved up. I only put @100-150 rounds through her so far. My initial impressions are 1) It's a little front heavy but not overly so. 2) The fit and finish seemed solid and robust. 3) Although I didn't shoot for accuracy it shot better than I expected (and probably shoots better than I can get it to shoot) 4) Not an impression but an observation; the charging handle has dented/deformed the upper receiver slightly presumably from slamming into it after being released. 5)Overall, I'm really satisfied with the ACR. OBTW I had no malfunctions either ;)
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