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Bushmaster ACR dealer pricing....

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One of my major distributors just added the first four ACR SKU's to their catalogue .

The standard fixed stock ACR dealer is : $2175
The folding/collapsible stock , railed enhanced ACR version shows : $2475 ( down from $2675 that I was told at SHOT).
Same price for either color.

I believe distributor price is about $200 less for each. Usually when items are in continuous production and are available everywhere, distributors will sell at below dealer cost. THEN, Large volume dealers sell at closer to dealer price. Once again , in time, if production gets ramped up, prices will come down and the best price from a larger dealer will be, I bet, somewhere between $2199 and $2299. Obviously still not the $1399-1499 that we all wanted but that's the market. The ACR costs a lot more to make than Magpul had originally hoped for.

(Since we are a quiet little, intimate, adult forum at the moment, I'll give you some inside info regarding pricing.)

And the market competition is the:
SCAR - 223 - $2185 , 308 $2328 (223 is available now but is VERY limited. Most stocking FN dealers only get one a year hence the prices of in excess of $3000.)
H&K MR556A1 - $2285 dealer ( possibly available in Feb-March 2010)

So that's the competitive situation. Hopefully this will help you understand the thoughts behind one aspect of the ACR pricing.

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Thanks for the info! That falls right into the price range I was hoping it would. :)
Update !!!

Called BM, delivery looks to have slipped to April. No big deal to me.

AND...... one of my distributors has just lowered their dealer price to $2000, down $175.
I did not expect them to get lowered this quickly (even before release).

I'll talk to two distributors next week to see when they will get theirs ( whether March or April).
Agreed. Surprising.

In a hot economy I doubt we'd see the damage control so quickly after the bad news.
Some current dealer pricing:

Description Price Qty
BUSHMASTER ACR Front Rail 223 16.5" Black 30RD $2,475.00 0
BUSHMASTER ACR Front Rail 223 16.5" Coyote Brown 30RD $2,475.00 0
BUSHMASTER ACR 223 16.5" Black 30RD $1,999.00 0
BUSHMASTER ACR 223 16.5" Coyote Brown 30RD $1,999.00 0

More data points, nothing new... Rifles to follow soon enough.
Is there any info on the magnesium component versions?
is this gun ever going to be available in south florida ?? I have been to three very large dealers in south Florida and they all cant seem to agree on a time frame for consumer availability ! very frustrating , especially knowing the gun was released months ago
It's sad that Bushmaster was spreading the word of March 1st for availability and then it didn't happen. And the worst part is, no word from them at all about an updated date or even that is was delayed.

Anyone know the new release date yet? Also, will only .223 be available at first, or will 6.8 be available as well from day 1?
and the latest neewwwzzz...

my rep at BM says they will ship in April.

Mentioned that to two distributors and they said that I knew more than they did.

In the mean time... the 1st commercial gun that the guy bid on and won at the AAC shot in GA is up for sale on Gunpoker........

Good Bidding and if you win, hope to see you in the nut farm !

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