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Ascend Armory/Geiselle Ar-15 pistol for ACR

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Looking at selling or trading this high end AR pistol for a Bushmaster ACR(preferably pistol).

Brand New Ascend Armory Light Weight Billet ar-15
Does not include optic and light
-Ascend Armory light weight Billet receivers
-geiselle mk4 Federal od green rail
-geiselle super gas block
-ballistic Advantage 11.5" barrel
-4 prong flash hider
-ascend Armory extended front and rear take down pins
-ascend Armory ambi controls
-ascend Armory Billet mlok handstop
-odin works safety selector
-odin works mag release
-Larue mbt-s trigger
-Larue apeg od green grip
-radian raptor charging handle
-SB tactical sba3 pistol brace
-od green split fix strap
-ticn coated bcg
- 4 od green pmags with Windows
- Troy flip up back up sights

These receivers are no longer available as the company may be shutting down for unknown reasons. Last time I saw one for sale it went for over $2200 with far more basic parts. I currently have this one lost at $1850 cash price.
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Hi, I’m interested in buying, is this still available?
Just checking in. Is this still available?
If this is still available, I call dibs. See previous posts.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts