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Knowing Shot Show is coming, "V2" is coming, and no conversions, would you?

Am I nuts if I buy an ACR "today"?

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Hi folks,

With the upcoming Shot Show, with the looming announcement of a V2 ACR, along with the fact that Bushy has horrendous customer service, and to top it off, the fact we have yet to see any "real world" conversions, am I nuts for buying an ACR this weekend? I suppose I don't want to buy something that may simply be discontinued by Bushy, and/or the fact a V2 may come out and be "what the V1 was supposed to provide."

I may just hold onto my $$ a bit longer and see what happens, or go get the "FN" version.... any new news?

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I'd wait... SCARs are ridiculously overpriced... and a V2 ACR will happen eventually.

I personally feel Cerberus made a major misstep using Bushmaster to fill their civilian ACR sales, I think that by buying and consolidating them under one roof in Ilion, NY, they may try to regenerate and recover from their (IMHO, failed) launch by offering a Remington branded V2 with many of the weight savings and features folks want at prices similar to what we see today.

It's amazing what people would accept at a price point, if certain things were offered to make it worthwhile... like a lightweight 1x7 twist barrel... different barrel lengths, etc. Maybe a metallic lower receiver... though that's not a huge deal for me... (especially since I'd throw a magpul grip on anyways).

It would also be nice if you could just 'build' your ACR yourself and order parts from BM... or let them sell uppers only and accessories later... would be nice... :/
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If I knew then what I know now, I would have bought an XCR instead.
yeah, fair enough guys. I held the SCAR L the other day, and it must just be the fact I'm used to my AR rifles, but it felt too thin, and I couldnt get a comfortable cheek weld on it (mind you, I was only holding it for 2 minutes). Is the ACR "thicker" at the stock, than a SCAR?

Are the XCR-M's shipping yet?

...........Are the XCR-M's shipping yet?
They have been seen at trade shows, but are not shipping yet.

ETA: I didn't vote, I would say wait until after the shot show, (it's only a month away)
+1^....I'd get an ACR (current version) or a XCR looong before a SCAR...but I'm voting "D"...waitin' 'til SHOT...I spoke with a CS rep yesterday and got the same answers a lot of you have..."conversions will be available towards the end of the first quarter"...and when I asked about the possibility of the V2, I got the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the that being said, I'm eyeballin' a used, Enhanced Coyote at a local shop and after fondling it I'm salivating (it really didn't feel as heavy to me as so many have complained about)...however, I'm gonna be patient and wait with the hopes the V2 is commin' soon...
if you can get an acr for cheap-ish i'd do that, i hear lots of bad about robarms cs but never had to deal with alex so i cant say from personal experience

the scar is nice but kinda pricey, you can have an acr with optic for the same price as a bare scar now

i doubt the v2 will be coming to the civs any time soon, although i could be wrong... when the acr was released it didnt even hit the streets till around may so your looking at least 5-6 months if they keep the same shipping schedule as before
I agree with bigdog. The pricing is the important part. Don't pay full retail markup, but if you get a good deal between $1200 and $1500, I'd consider it. Otherwise, keep saving an wait for the SHOT news to come out.
If you have the money and can find a deal(1350 for a basic isn't bad) have a happy christmas. Guaranteed there will be developments of some sort at Shotshow but it is unlikely that it will affect your purchase in a negative way.
I agree that you should pick one or if you can for a good price. I've still seen basic ones for as high as $2500I from the big stores. I picked my basic up for $2000. I felt it was a deal then. Not great but knew I wouldn't come across another for a long time. I knew I was taking a gamble on a new platform with the probability that caliber conversion kits wouldn't be out anytime soon and the platform would have little quirks and bugs. For $1400 you would thoroughly enjoy it. I havnt looked back. Im not infuriated with the company or anything. Then again wait a month to see if any news is released at the SHOT show. Bit ill vote buy one now.
I think it's a great rifle regardless of what happens so you should go ahead. Besides, most anything that comes out with v2 should be adaptable to v1.
If you get a good price, go for it.

I'd pass on the SCAR until FN shows they are really behind it with spare parts and options.

And I like the XCR quite a bit. It's the only 3rd gen carbine that actually has the modularity we all expected.
Yea, just ordered the enhanced tan ACR from riflegear! I'm a lefty (not sure if that'll matter for placement), but which slings are you guys using? Was thinking blue force, but not sure if I will need additional items to utilize it.

Also ordered a couple FDE PMags. going to dye them with rit dye - anybody recall which exact color to use to get the Pmags to match the lower?


DSM gives pretty good instructions in this thread.

Ha ha, had to go back and correct this post, my stupid iPad autocorrect wrote DAM instead of DSM.
I have a Troy two-point battlesling with QD adapters. For single point/tactical style works great. If you want it to be more like a traditional sling, the center QD is too close to centerline for my tastes. Thinking of putting on an MOE rail on my basic grip with a rail mount so I could mount as close to the front as possible.
First, I have not heard a lot about B.M. Customer Service being bad so I would challenge that contention from my view point - I sent my ACR Enhanced back for barrel alignment problems. I sent it in a cardboard box, they paid shipping both ways, it was gone for a short time and was returned to me in black plastic case with two new Pmags. So I was happy and the rifle has been spot on in performance so far. I have a second BM rifle, I have had it for 10 to 12 years, I think, and it has never had an issue of any kind. I think you will find some people who are unhappy with BM CS, I do not know what percentage of folks that would be. Some folks think BM is a bad company if they do not retro-fit Gen1 rifles to Gen2 specs - so you can see there are a lot of varying opinions out there. I am not sure that the anger over the not available parts and caliber conversions is really a CS problem at this point - if engineering and production are holding things up. - all I know is I am content.

The SCAR has been out for longer and you still cannot get a factory barrel or the associated parts from FN to do quick changes on the barrels - this was one of the big features promoted in the sales pitch leading up to its release. The Commercial market is doing some things in this regard though.

That said, there is a lot of room for improvement in the ACR and I think the improvements from Remington will probably crossover to the civilian BM units - weight is the biggest shortcoming for me. Still, I think the first effort was worthwhile. My ACR will stay and I will be in the market for another IF Gen2 comes to be.

I saw, above, you decided to buy - good for you! Please let us know what you think. It is not an AR, it is better in some regards and worse in some others.

No, you are not nuts: maybe crazy, a little!
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Go for it if you can find the right deal. I got mine slightly used (30 rounds down the pipe) for $1,350.00 shipped. If you can find a similar deal jump on it, if not I have seen them for around $1,500.00 NIB on Gunbroker. The deals are out there. One last thing I don't know why so many people are obsessed with this V2 rumor even if it does come to market big deal. I bought my ACR based on the Massada concept not what new version may come out in the future. I am completely satisfied, I got exactly what Magpul advertised years ago. Now all we need are the conversion kits to complete the deal.
Yep, ordered it yesterday. Got a few of the goodies on order too - magpul FDE rails (going to use Rit Dye), black foregrip, voodoo tactical tan rifle bag, and debating on a good x10 scope (funds limited). I'm a lefty - any other lefty's choose a particular sling that you like (prefer single) - yes, I am looking at the slings thread, but not too many pics from what I recall...


Congrats bro, you won't regret it.

We wants pics as soon as it hits. :p
Congrats, you realize it anit offcial till you get her dirty ;)
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