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So, I bought the A&K Airsoft ACR folding stock from, link below.

Link (black stock) -

This was mostly just to see if it could be modded to fit my actual ACR, not for any serious reason other than I was curious and for $35 it couldn't hurt to try it out. Unfortunately the pin holes do not line up correctly and the overall height of the stock is about a .5" shorter than the Magpul stock.

I did this in about 45 minutes of actual work with only hand tools, a Dremel would've cut down the time to about 15 minutes. There are 5 areas that need to be worked on to get it to fit correctly.

1. Face of the Stock needs to be sanded down slightly
2. Both sides need a good chunk removed to thin the connecting portion.
3. The indent on both sides where it slides into the lower receiver also need a good chunk of material removed.
4. The top block needs to be removed and sanded down to fit the recoil assembly.
5. Two new pin holes need to be drilled due to the A&K versions being too small and too low depending on where you want to have the stock match up. mine matches up on the bottom and has a slight gap on the top.

At the time they only had the tan in stock so I spray painted mine to match my Black ACR. Overall it fits and works, the stock is fairly decent quality but it will pail in terms of durability to any of the other ACR stocks.
Here is the A&K Stock - stock-masada-b.jpg

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