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(I posted this in another forum some time ago. I thought I would share it as my first real post in this board.)

This friggin Call of Duty game sent my teenage sons on a
rampage this summer. They just HAD TO HAVE some of the weapons used in this
game. So despite my sage advice, they used their summer wages to purchase a SCAR
and an F2000. My new rifle, just so I was not left out, was an ACR. All were
5.56, and all were mounted with similar optics.

My boys and I shoot about 3,000 rounds a month through various 5.56, .308 and .45 weapons, so they
are pretty experienced and I find that shooting gives us valuable time together AWAY from that X-Box trap.

So some weeks ago, we took all of the new rifles along with a LWRC M6A2 and the POF out to the ranch to do a little
“plinking” and see how the various rifles would match up.

I am not going to get into an accuracy review here. All of the weapons print 1-2 inches at 100
meters with a bench rest and quality ammo. There really is no measurable difference between the 5 rifles.

I am always more interested in the practical application of a weapon like this. Items such as reliability,
usability, how well it works while humping a kit (backpack with camping gear these days), etc…etc

So, here are my observations, after about 15,000 rounds were used up:

SCAR – This weapon is worthless to me. There were no
reliability issues or anything of the sort. The problem is the hand guard, and I
mean the rails/hand guard, get so F’in hot after only about 25 rounds that you
can’t use the weapon. One boy got a SERIOUS burn, but I thought he had just
messed up and touched the barrel and forgot about it. Later, we laid down a
heavy blue plastic tarp to do some “belly” shooting and I ran one mag through
the SCAR. I laid the weapon down on the tarp and next thing I know, it is on
fire. It melted the plastic all into the rails and took hours to get cleaned out
afterwards. Cleaning this weapon (other than melted plastic) is average. It took
all mags and shot all ammo. Trigger is about 8lb.

F2000 –
While probably the most fun to shoot, I had serious issues with this carbine.
First of all, it will only take the metal GI Mags, not the plastic ones. Second
problem was with 68gr or larger rounds; it would not “roll” out the ejected
brass well. Keep in mind this weapon has that odd ejection system where the
spent brass drops out of a tube. But the biggest single issue with this weapon
is cleaning it. There is NO WAY anyone could clean it in the dark in the field.
Cleaning was also very “pinch” prone given the way the main spring has to be
reset after cleaning. My other issue was after only about 800 rounds, I saw
SERIOUS wear on some plastic parts that seemed critical to the operation of the
Bolt Carrier Group (or whatever they call it on this rifle). This rifle was the
easiest to carry on a hump. The trigger was the worst of the group.

Now here is a serious fightin’ gun. I have written lots about POF’s in this
forum before, so I won’t bore anyone to death. It and my LWRC are equals in all
aspects and I would not be concerned about either one in a gun

LWRC – (See POF above). After 20,000 rounds, a new barrel and two
piston springs, she still runs like a sewing machine. Nuff said.

I gotta admit, I REALLY like this weapon. It’s time on target for a second shot is
equal to any M4. We ended up putting 2,000 or so rounds through it without
issue. The cleaning is easy, like an AK. It carries VERY well, and I did use
the folding stock. Its trigger is a little ruff, but not much different than a
standard 8lb military trigger. I hope they come out with cartridge or custom
trigger soon. Overall, if you want an alternative to the ole M4, I would
recommend this unit. While I would still reach for the POF or the LWRC when
expecting to fight, the ACR is getting close. Maybe with another 10,000 rounds
or so…… One note: Our ACR started bump firing every now and then. I looked it up
on the net and found out that there had been a recall. I called BM, and found
out I have to ship the weapon back, but they are throwing in 2x30 mags for the
trouble, paying all shipping, etc. While a pain in the ass, I know any company
out there can have minor issues crop up. It seems like they are trying to take
care of their customers.

I know I am old school on this stuff, but I had to smile when I found out that both the SCAR and the F2000 were sold at the
first gun show after our trip. It seems my sons have stopped calling me “brown
boot” as well. This situation may change however, as they think they are going
to pocket the money and just use my rifles. Little do they know that I changed
the combination on the gun safe! Brown boot my ass.

Maybe if they reload
all 15,000 rounds, I’ll let them know the new combination.

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I worked on the farm most summers and barely saved enough to buy an old M1 Carbine when I was a teenager. :D

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I hear first non-rimfire rifle was an M1 Carbine. The local hardware store had boxes of Korean War surplus for $1.90. I worn the barrel out with hay baling money.

My boys are good guys despite all my bitching. The oldest shipped out about 4 weeks after that trip to West Texas, so I kind of spoiled them helping out last summer. I miss him so much and want him back home safe. The price we pay. I pray every day his body and mind come back to us in one piece.

Before anyone asks - NO, I am not adopting anyone...LOL

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Ahhhhh, I'm not the only one that had to peel melted plastic off a SCAR. :)

Thanks for sharing your observations.

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Hey, Hogleg. Welcome over. I caught this over at the LWRC site a while back. Your write up helped nudge me along to buying my ACR. I doubt you'll get any grief for it over here. Not quite so many high strung personalities here. :D

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i hear alot of good about the pof 308's, i guess they are very accurate according to the hide
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