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2nd Part is up now forgot about posting the thread on here. The thread wouldn't display until a Mod approved it. So I forgot.


This just about sums up my thoughts on the ACR.

Was it a long wait yet was it worth HELL TO THE YES POWER!!!!
My Bushada is complete.

The below is from a thread I started on Instead of linking I just copied and posted my review here.
I had been meaning to post a review on here but this sums up my interest. Makes it easier on us all.


This is the review. Please don't take any of this as the gospel truth. I am not a professional I just really like guns and really like to shoot. I have run AR's of different kinds even a few Sig 556's and a AR180B back during the ban. When I got this rifle I haven't run a rifle of my own in almost 3 years. Mainly shot pistols. This one is a keeper and will be shooting the snot out of it.

When the Masada was first shown at SHOT07 I was instantly interested. Designed and engineered by a bunch of guys that had done some "business" in the past what was not to love. At the time I had a FN PS90 and was getting ready to get a LE6920. The Masada changed that. Magpul showing off the PDR made me look at that PS90 and think WTF. The PDR was in 556 and use AR mags, perfect. The Election of BHO in 2008 lead to me selling my PS90 with a considerable profit and put the final nail in the coffin for the 5.7 in my mind. Getting a LE6920 was on the short list getting ready for the Masada was the priority.
Boy that was a long wait wasn't it.

I tried the SCAR 16S and the ACR. I felt then and still now the ACR has a better feel to it "For Me". If you like the SCAR 16S then buy one they are nice just not nice to me. Now the SCAR 17S that's where the honey is baby.
The PDR has been and even longer wait and might not even happen. Personally the PDR would replace the ACR, for home defense in my house, if it was put into production. With the ACR going for 200-300 yards with good glass.

Well Its been a long road getting this stick the way I want it. Lots of time at the range tweaking and lots of time shooting just to go right back to basics. The original idea was to buy an ACR enhanced, an 18” barrel, Trijicon TA33 ACOG, Larue Mount, Surefire Scout light, Troy backup irons, standard plastic hand guards. Something that could bring the pain when needed out on the edges of the property.
Well move forward about a year to when the time came to where I had the money and things changed. Moved to another location and the property around here is very compact. Clear line of sight is less than 75 yard, 25 yards in most places and that's pushing it. Lots of trees and bush and brush. So goodbye TA33 hello Eotech. The 18” barrel went out the door due to no ACOG and the fact that I was told by Bushmaster before the big move, late 2011 for a 18” barrel along with the DMR adjustable stock. Then found, after pricing the ACRs that were out there, a Basic ACR was around 1600 to 1700 plus tax. Total paid was $1803 tax and all.

So what did I get. Well my Coyote ACR Basic came from a wholesaler in Louisiana. What they call old new stock. Serial number is 13XX early I’m told. Has had the update done to it so I didn't have to send it back.

Has the old gas regulator.

Also has the extra little ring between the chamber end of the barrel and the barrel locking lever. After the 2nd trip to the range and around 500 rounds later the lever actually moved another click to the position its shown in the below picture. Before it was about 1 or 2 clicks looser. Even with the extra ring this is how far my locking unit is turned. I have not used a tool or other device for extra torque to get it tighter. Just my hands and a little grunting.

Depending on how much you like to clean you will either hate it or love it. Everything that's part of the operating system you soak in oil and then wipe it down. A little scrubbing here and there with a bronze brush, for example the inside of the Gas block, bolt face, front of the piston rod, and chamber. There are more parts to clean for example the piston rod, piston rod spring, and gas regulator.

Now here is were I really love the ACR, the barrel comes off. Yes the barrel comes off every rifle in the world. But the ACR barrel comes off so easy its like trying to get into the pants of a whore on the corner. Very quick. Makes cleaning the chamber and bore and general inspection very easy. I really like this feature.

The AR has the bolt and bolt carrier and its associated parts that need cleaning and oiling. The ACR and all Piston operated guns have extra parts that need cleaning. Yes the Bolt and Bolt carrier in the ACR is not caked in power residue like the AR is but you still have to clean it and wipe it down. I find lots of nice shiny brass shavings under the extractor. But with piston guns the gas block piston rod and gas regulators all are caked in carbon power residue. The parts are smaller and have fewer nooks and crannies but still need to be cleaned.
The ability to take off the stocks and clean the lower, upper, butt stock and hand guards is nice. You get to wipe the plastic parts down and then reassemble.
Really In general I think its easier to clean an AR15 not as much involved. Yes the bolt bolt carrier will be caked in power and you will have to scrub but how hard is that. Some instructors have shown the AR family will run 10,000 rounds or more as long as you oil it good and keep it wet without cleaning.

The Issues:
No big issues out of it . The only jam was when I turned the gas regulator to the S setting, for suppressed for one round. Damn thing short stroked right there in the middle of the mag. After that happened I turned it back to the U setting and there it has stayed. I did this for only one round and will not turn it back to S until I have a suppressor which may be quite a while. I could see where this could be a problem if you accidentally put it on Suppressed and started having issues and not knowing it was flipped to Suppressed.

Should have just used a tool. By the time all is said and done I think it would have been better to use a separate tool to remove the barrel instead of putting the lever on the locking piece. BUT what do I know not much.
The folding tele stock when fully extended allows me to make better contact with the safety lever and manipulate it easier. But alas for me it makes the gun a “Really nose heave bitch” even more so than it is now. I haven’t checked the return to zero but others have done a much better job than I could in this respect.
Every time I have went to the range I re zeroed due to the fact that I changed something on the gun. For example I added the Eotech, MBUS and X300 then next trip was Eotech on a Larue LT110 mount with everything else. Then took off the X300 and put the Eotech farther forward on the rail along with the front sight. Then Took everything off reinstalled the Eotech without the Larue mount. Yeah lots of adjusting.
If they make a lightweight barrel for it I will buy one for sure but right now I'm getting used to the weight. Yes Bushmaster Remington someone needs to make barrel options a high priority. Lightweight 16" 1/9 and a 18" 1/7 thats profiled for best accuracy maybe some fluting for cooling.
Funny thing I've noticed a lot wanting longer hand guards but it doesn't bother me. Weird I just don't see why? But thats them not me thats what they want. But hey they could change them out in a heart beat if they were available.

Running the gun has showed a few things to me. First when you go to load a fresh mag from bolt hold open. You insert the mag, reach up with your thumb and catch it on the bolt release down while your pulling on the mag to make sure its seated. Closes the bolt real quick easier than with your trigger finger. Hey you still have to insert the mag might as well close the bolt while there.

The Changes:
I tried but I couldn't get used to the MBUS sights. I'm going to get some Troy's maybe Micros.
I took the light off also. Going to use the Glock 17L with X300 as primary home defense. Although If I get an TA33 and an 18" barrel I may mount it back up.
I ditched the Larue mount I bought it to get the window of the Eotech to see over the X300 light. Its good stuff. Although the little rail at the back kept getting in the way of pushing the buttons on the Eotech. I'm going to sell it.
The Fixed folding stock feels much better now. At first I was thinking I needed a extra inch maybe an inch and a half more pull. I installed the folder and pulled it out longer than the fixed stock. Felt weird and couldn't get used to it, almost sold it. Well after I have taken all that crap off the top rail and started playing with the LOP its right at the same length that the original stock was. Feels much better I have the Riser in the lower position. Makes using the Eotech much better.

Yeah I know ALL that for an ACR with an Eotech and a Magpul Vertical grip.


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Not to break up the review, but it has been couple days. Thanks for bringing it here, just an observation, looks like you have the 1st gen regulator. If you have issues, if you every fire surpressed, look into getting a 2nd gen regulator. It has a smaller gas hole for surpressed fire letting more gas hit the piston.

Just a heads up. :)

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the old one is angled and has a large hole, the new one is round with the smaller hole, the third rare one says "H" and "L" it is made specifically for acr's with cycling problems-bm doesnt like giving that one out

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Bullet time:
Below is listed the velocity of IMI M855 from the 1/9” ACR barrel. It was in the low 80’s this day. Also the gun had been shot enough that the barrel was warm. Not hot warm to the touch, not uncomfortable to touch. 30 minutes before I had run the gun pretty hard for 3 mags. Then took the hand guards off locked the bolt back and let it set to cool off.


Don’t know how good this is but the guy told me I could try if I wanted. I let him shoot it. Was afraid I was going nail that chrono and be blamed for it. All my shooting has been done with the 2 cases of IMI M855 I got from Wideners when they had 1200 round cases for 370. Its the only load I have used in my ACR. All told its got over 900 rounds total through it so far.

What it looks like now.

What it used to look like.

The different stocks compared to each other

Its already got a few nicks. Don't even know how they got there but OH well.


If you have an AR15 can run it really good and have a lot invested in it, Keep it DO NOT sell it. I hate to say it but “Why Change” if you are set in your ways with it why bother. Now if you want and ACR well that's up to you, but I can tell you this. Don't go out and say I will give it a try.
Do or do not do there is no try. If you want to go down that road go, but don't get half way down it and change your mind and turn around.
Also if the ACR doesn't give you the warm fuzzy then don't buy it. The SCAR didn't give me the warm fuzzy so I didn't buy it.

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Thanks for posting the rest of your review. I like most of your "Finally" statements.

Only thing I like to say in addition is: Each rifle (ACR, SCAR, AR etc...) have their positive / weak points. As long as you can work with 'em, enjoy each for what they are.

Again, thanks for sharing your opinions.
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