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so i got my rilfe back the other day and the first thing i wanna do is take it apart to look at the "nonfull auto" fireing pin. i push the take down pin all the way to remove the upper. hey guess what i cant remove it. after using a little force (cause i sure in the hell wasnt sending it back) i got the upper apart from the lower. i mess with it for a few minutes and noticed where the pin pushed through the butt stock theres a metal sleeve in it. some idiot who was prolly in a bad mood took it out on my rifle and when they pushed the rear take down pin in used a lot of force to push that sleeve out enough so i couldnt get my lower and upper apart. im glade i took all my sights off and removed my enhanced stock and put the basic stock back on it when i sent it back. theres more. like every other guy here after recieveing your rifle back is thinking hey i wanna go shoot it!!! so i went to go sight my sights in and be done. its a little cold here. my first 2 rounds i fire jam (55gr american egal. used it ever since i had the rifle no problem) 2 stove pipes right off the bat. so i had to chuckle and thought about leaving and going to my nearest gun dealer for trade in. but then i thought ill do my sight in and see what happens. NO ISSUES!! HA!! i found it quite funny. but i took it home and cleaned the jinx off. it was a spoof i believe i had no isses until then. and so far after its all good. im more upset about them jamming that metal sleeve over where the take down pin goes through the stock. just some idiot at the factory. i know they read the forum to so ill say again. you idiot! i hope you get drop kicked to the chest by chuck norris! peace out yall. travis haley for president!
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