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ACR Cutaway Image

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Although some things may differ slightly since the original design, I don't imagine this cutaway being too far off from the actual rifle.

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that is one of the hottest things I've seen all week. :p
Quite a few different things in the commercial model. The government version is different as well.
I've got to be honest, not to piss off the eotech crowd but I liked the original charging handle position.
Thanks for posting the link, very useful.
Made it hot. Well I tried, oops!

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Thanks, I goofed it :eek:,

Looks the same as the production ACR except for the integrated front sight and location of the charging handle. Other than that it's the same weapon. To tell you the truth I'm glad those two things were changed it gives you the option of using any BUS you choose and IMO relocating the charging handle forward of the receiver like the H&K G3, it was a good move.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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