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Well got off the phone with BM/REM to inquire about my stock, and asked about barrels etc, said they had a meeting at the beginning of the week. Conversions end of year, barrels then too. (same story it seems end of year etc) So I got sick of waiting and tore my barrel down and figured I'd weigh some things to put it out there for information

Barrel Stripped 1lb 13.5oz

Piston Guide & Screw 1.1 oz

Piston rod spring .3oz

Piston 2.1 oz

Gas block 4 oz, Adj reg 1 oz

Ratchet 2.3 oz

Misc. Spacer ring and gas block pins .5 oz

PWS 556 Brake 2.3 oz

Total is 2lb 10.6 oz

Daniel defense says there 14.5 CHF Lightweight is 1lb 4 oz so its about 9.5 Oz (.59 lbs) lighter For your FYI

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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