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Me and my friend and his brother all went out today and put about 1,000 rounds down range between my ACR, his spykes AR, and his brothers scar16s. No malfunctions with my acr at all, the spykes had a few ftf, and the scar was having alot of issues, ftf fte double feed everything you can name pretty much. at the end of the day i went my friend the nake of the place i baught my acr and next weekend he wants to go out again with his acr ^^ one converted! his brother is also considering selling his scar16. everyone enjoyed the acr the most, I have a poor 4x optic, an FM something or another i got for around 200$ at a gun show, i really want an aimpoint and think that would improve things alot but still was getting 1-2 moa at about 120 yrds.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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