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A prize for the first person... CONTEST?

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I was thinking of maybe we can offer a prize for the first person to get their hands on a retail version of the ACR. Only problem is I am not sure as to what kind of a prize.

I was looking around my office and I saw a stack of Morgan Silver dollars that I have and I was thinking I could offer one of those, then my mind wondered and for a very short split second I considered a Gold Eagle :eek:. But that was not going to happen. I could almost buy an ACR for the price of one of those. The Morgans are in good condition. No I am not going to give away any certified coins if I give away a coin at all.

If you have any ideas as to the kind of reasonable prize for the contest, please post your ideas here. Maybe 100 rounds of Eagle XM193?

Give me some ideas.
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I jumped on the sig 556 early, now they have so many other variants that I like better.
Can't wait to see when they will be available
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