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  1. Finding an ACR for sale
    Taken out to fire once, maybe 20 or 30 rounds total. It's CA legal so has a higher MSRP. Asking $1,850. Would prefer to sell locally (I'm in the Bay Area) but I'm willing to ship. email me at [email protected] if interested.
  2. Finding an ACR for sale
    WTS AAC Blackout, Black Enhanced Handguard and Grip Pod Selling Enhanced ACR Rail Handguard and Grip Pod (foregrip/bipod) $120 OBO + $10 shipping. AAC Blackout $60 + $5 shipping. Paypal.
  3. Finding an ACR for sale
    Looking to trade you for your ACR Enhanced (Coyote Tan Preferred, but Black would work.) I am offering: - LWRC 10.5" M6A2 Upper, OD Green ($1300 trade value/$1200 cash) - GB has them for $1400-$1900 - Lantac Dragon, Costa Ludus Edition - $200 - best break i've ever used, the Chris Costa...
1-3 of 5 Results