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  1. NFA Only Trading Zone
    Looking for a op rod and spring for a carbine length 10.5 inch barrel. I would also buy a broken barrel that has functioning op-rod and spring....... Thanks, EDIT: I have acquired the springs, just in-need of a carbine length op-rod :)
  2. Finding an ACR for sale
    Hey all, Been looking for an ACR for a longtime now. I'm looking for a basic folder or an enhanced in Coyote Brown/ any custom brown color you've done. Located in CO and prefer local. But we can work out the details with an FFL. Thanks!
  3. Finding an ACR for sale
    Looking to trade you for your ACR Enhanced (Coyote Tan Preferred, but Black would work.) I am offering: - LWRC 10.5" M6A2 Upper, OD Green ($1300 trade value/$1200 cash) - GB has them for $1400-$1900 - Lantac Dragon, Costa Ludus Edition - $200 - best break i've ever used, the Chris Costa...
  4. Trading Post
    I have one on backorder with bushmaster. Every time I call them, they just say its on Back order! There's never any extra explanation. I even spoke about this same thing with Marvin- his have been on backorder too. I'm starting to think that BM only has one vendor that produces this part. Part...
1-4 of 5 Results