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    Trading Post
    Wanting to Trade my Like New Sig MCX Virtus 11.5 5.56 LE Edition. will come with factory cardboard box, owners manual and 2 mags. Radian ADAC full ambi lower with the Sig duo trigger, Sig grip, Geissele charging handle and MCX conversion adapter. also have the 9” .300blk barrel, 5.56 taper...
  2. Trading Post
    (SOLD) Conversion barrel to make a factory .40/.357 P226 into a 9mm. Has 150 rounds through it and works great, just got a dedicated 9mm pistol so don't need this anymore. Also included are 2 magazines; one factory Sig 15 round and one Promag 20 round. See link below for more detailed...
1-2 of 2 Results