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  1. ACR Technical Discussion
    I bought my ACR not too long ago and took it to the range to put a couple hundred rounds through it. While Swapping mags I found it painful to use the safety selector. Now when I say painful I mean actual pain in my fingers because the selector was so stiff. Many times I had to use 2 fingers...
  2. ACR General Discussion
    I love my ACR, but like many ACR owners the lack of aftermarket support has been discouraging to say the least. I got tired of waiting for a metal aftermarket lower and a modified safety switch (the current one rubs my trigger finger and is a constant irritation) so I decided to put my recently...
  3. ACR Technical Discussion
    Sorry to be "that guy", and I have indeed looked around, but does anyone know if an aftermarket, non-ambi safety selector is out or en route? Or, are the only options grinding it down or modding it to a 45 degree switch? Thank you very much.
1-3 of 3 Results