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  1. ACR Gallery
    Took me 9 years to find the Remington parts and build this.
  2. ACR General Discussion
    looking to sell my spare Remington ACR handguard. Wanting to sell for at least 1200 but i am open to offers. I only used it for a few months. If you are interested you can contact me by replying to this thread or get to me directly by email at [email protected] .
  3. New Member Introductions
    Rare Remington handguard FOR SALE i have a spare RemDef handguard that i dont use and am looking to sell it. Give me your best offer for it. this is a very, very, very rare piece as this is one of the few designs that Remington made for their IC rifles before finalizing the design found on the...
  4. ACR General Discussion
    Members, I joined this forum because I could not find any information, anywhere, on the web about an original Remington ACR, I Own. Here is what I have (One photo attached). Previous owned by a SPEC Warfare Fighter that made a Deal w/Remington to get this - During Initial Army Carbine...
  5. ACR General Discussion
    Are they still offering it for LE and MIL or is the Bushmaster version the only variant being made? I really like the ACR and I stumbled upon an article saying Remington ceased production of it, which is just sad since I think it's the closest it can get to the Masada.
  6. ACR Gallery
    My first post so thought i'd add to the gallery of pics! -two 6.8 Barrels, one bolt -two 5.56 Barrels, one bolt -one fixed stock -one enhanced folding -one enhanced rail -one Remington Defense Handguard
  7. Finding an ACR for sale
    Looking to sell or trade one of my ACRs. splitup into three packages, I am willing to sell all packages together but not split up the contents of the packages: 1. Tan ACR, 200-300 round count (I've taken this one to the range twice, no problems at all)...includes the 16" barrel, basic and...
  8. ACR General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I'm looking for one of the Skeleton handguards for the ACR, such as the one shown here I found one on Ebay and was set to have the winning bid, but within the exact last 1 minute of bidding, someone decided to be "that guy" and...
  9. ACR General Discussion
    I honestly haven't been on the forum in a long time but I thought I'd share my recent run in with Remington reps at a hotel bar in Wisconsin experience with you guys. I'll keep it short. So I'm drinking with some buds at the bar AND we are talking about guns (of course). These two bozos barge...
  10. ACR Gallery
    14.25" barrel, lightweight profile, AAC Blackout 51T perm attached by Adco: Geissele Super 3-Gun fire control group: ambi safety shortened and lowered: flipped charging handle: side sling mount removed and plugged with set screws: enhanced stock with dual QD sling swivel sockets: Trijicon...
  11. ACR General Discussion
    I want to buy an ACR! I live in north-NJ, so I've been pricing around for the Bushmaster Basic State Configuration (#90720) and have found them anywhere from $1850-$2400. But every dealer I've gone to has told me that their distributors haven't seen any for months, since Remington bought...
  12. ACR General Discussion
    The Remington V2 ACR is featured in the new Tom Clancy: Ghost Recon Future Soldier video game coming out in 2012. I know the vast majority may not care, but as someone who still hasnt purchased an ACR (but wants to) this is as close as I may get for a while. Plus the pictures looked cool. I am...
  13. ACR General Discussion
    I made an attempt to get Remington 5 sided hand guards directly from Remington for the ACR forum to access. I mentioned all the current builds by all the members here. I mentioned how it takes 3-4 months to get hand guards from Bushmaster. I mentioned about caliber conversions. I mentioned...
1-13 of 13 Results