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  1. ACR General Discussion
    This project started about a year and a half ago, after trying to get Bushmaster to sell me an Upper about 8 months before that which needlessly to say was not successful for a whole host of reasons. What you seeing is the second iteration of that with a built pistol with from an upper from Dana...
  2. General Firearms
    Check it out, its called the G21SSSSF.
  3. ACR General Discussion
    I posted earlier in General Firearms about CCW and it got me thinking about home defense. Do you use your ACR as your home defense gun? If not, what is by your bedside?
  4. General Firearms
    I know there are a few law enforcement and military on this forum. I also know for an officer you are never really "off-duty". I am grateful for all who serve our country and our law enforcement. As a civilian or an off-duty officer, do you carry concealed? If you carry, what do you carry and...
1-4 of 4 Results