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  1. ACR General Discussion
    Hey there guys, I was wondering where I could get myself two replacement sling points at the base of the trunion for my ACR. I seemed to have misplaced mine when I was taking all apart :/
  2. New Member Introductions
    Anyone know where to find a v2 deflector?
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, My name is Curtis. I am in NC. I am a prior service Marine. I love fitness and the outdoors. I am in search of a ACR Regulator Assembly. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. ACR General Discussion
    Sorry about the location of the post, but I don't quite have enough posts to have access to post on the trading post... All prices include Shipping. if people need spare parts for their ACR or if someone wants to purchase it outright combined I would be willing to make a large discount. ---...
  5. Trading Post
    *SOLD* Up for sale is a new ACR barrel lock ring (no handle) and lock ring spacer. My plan was to slowly piece a kit together, but I got into a more expensive college than I had anticipated. The spacer is one I got from BigDog, not a factory one. Last I checked BD was selling the rings for $12...
  6. ACR Technical Discussion
    Does anybody know anything about an ambidextrous charging handle? A three hour google search brought up nothing.
  7. ACR Technical Discussion
    I messaged Marvin about doing a 300blk conversion. He recommended that i do 7.62x39, but i expressed that the 300blk is what i wanted most because of its performance suppressed(with a 762sd-n6 in the future) and possibility of being a NATO round in the future. He agreed to give it a shot! So, i...
  8. ACR Technical Discussion
    I just want to make a second barrel assembly for the existing .223/5.56 bolt. Just need a parts list so I know what to order. I know I need an aftermarket barrel but I'm not sure of every other part I'd need or what the part numbers would be for ordering. Sorry if this already posted somewhere...
1-8 of 8 Results