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  1. Trading Post
    ***SOLD***Black Lower & Black Enhanced Stock (Coyote Cheek Rest) ***SOLD***
  2. ACR General Discussion
    Got my ACR a few weeks ago at a local Sportsman's Warehouse, and have since picked up 5 Troy Industry magazines, 2 Lancer magazines, Troy folding battle iron sights, Troy modular fore grip, upgraded to tri-rail hand-guard. more upgrades coming, hopefully... Barrels (AK, shorter), Red Dot sight...
  3. ACR Gallery
    So our Scouts were painting all their M4s on Friday and that motivated me to paint my ACR. I started with stripping it down and masking off some areas. Then painted it with grey primer. My first color was a creamy tan all over with a mist of darker tan. Then I used brown with a sniper veil. To...
  4. Lights & Lasers
    Hey everyone. This is my time giving anything a camo paint job, so please don't too rough on me. I used krylon camouflage: brown, flat dark earth and tan. For the design and I used a ceiling & wall patch. Those things were purchased from walmart. I used my surefire that I've "acquired" over...
1-4 of 4 Results