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  1. Optics and Sights
    Okay, I am currently running an EOtech XPS 2 with a part-time magnifier and a full-time magnifier mount. I'm looking to change that. In recent range trips, I have noticed that at mid-ranges, which is most likely in my use of the weapon, the 65MOA circle tends to obscure the target. I love it and...
  2. ACR General Discussion
    I was taking a Hunter Safety Course last fall in Maine. During a break a rep from Western Maine Fish and Game was selling 10$ raffle tickets for a brand new Bushmaster ACR. I had only known about the gun from playing Call of Duty. He brought the gun in for us all too look at, that was all it...
  3. Optics and Sights
    Hey there, I'm looking at Primary Arms for some budget optics. I know that these are aimpoint clones but the feedback on the forums are very good. Some of the posts there have 10+ pages of feedback... all raving about how good the aimpoint style red dot scopes are from Primary Arms...
1-3 of 4 Results