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  1. General Socializing
    PDX Traffic: Fatal Traffic Crash - Highway 260 west of Grants Pass Quite unfortunate, but as my buddy said he can build kick ass rifles for Macho Man Randy Savage now.
  2. General Firearms
    I just had a realization. When you are working towards precision rifles you are trying your hardest to make everything you can on that rifle one unit. When you're working with a bolt action rifle you want to make sure the stock is bedded into the rifle properly, lap the bolt, and then make...
  3. ACR General Discussion
    RE:Caliber conversion (Noveske/Delta 300 BLK barrel) Thank you VB3 for closing the thread. Well said. With that...I just got off the phone with Bushmaster and Aaron had informed me that the 6.8 barrel's new estimated release date is now 1st quarter 2012 with nothing even thought about for 300...
1-3 of 3 Results