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  1. ACR Technical Discussion
    *Update 4/7/17* Hi Everyone, First-time poster. I read the couple threads regarding light primer strikes, but it seems those problems were related to the firing pin sustaining some damage or deformation. I apologize in advance if the answer to my question is contained in another thread. I...
  2. After Action Reports
    Hey guys... I'm seriously considering a purchase of an acr. But I want to address some things I've heard about the acr. Yeah I know about all the controversy, and I know that new weapons systems will always have flaws that will be fixed in later generation models. The new gas regulator would be...
  3. After Action Reports
    So I just got my ACR and shot a full mag (quite gleefully) without a problem. I then handed it to a friend to fire it, and after a few rounds the battery holder in the grip fell out. I put it back in but it happened again after a few more rounds. Is this happening to anyone else's ACR? I have...
1-3 of 3 Results