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  1. After Action Reports
    I was at the range today and brought the factory pmag, 5 brownells mags w/ pmag followers, and 2 Cammenga Easymags... I shot about 2 magazines worth out of all 8 magazines [240-250 rounds without a single FTF/FTE ;) ]. What I DID end up having issues with were the Cammenga Easymags.. 3 times...
  2. ACR Technical Discussion
    I have had this problem for sometime, just didnt pay too much attention to it till today. It does not matter if it is the bushmaster pmags or just reg pmags... When last round is fired when I'm supporting the magazine up in its well it catches fine but when it is not all the way up in the well...
  3. ACR Technical Discussion
    Okay, I got my ACR back from Bushmaster today. It came back with two new PMAGs and a new firing pin and spring... the usual. But then I noticed something odd. The magazine release seemed to be sticking. It was acting really stiff. I was playing around with it a lot to try to find the...
1-3 of 3 Results