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  1. Beyond 5.56/.223
    It has been a little while in the making, but I present the 6.8 ACR lower. As the title says, it is designed around the LWRC 6.8 PMAG. This of course is only the first prototype; however it is fully function, with the occasional hiccup which I hope to get worked out with tightening up some play...
  2. Finding an ACR for sale
    Looking to trade you for your ACR Enhanced (Coyote Tan Preferred, but Black would work.) I am offering: - LWRC 10.5" M6A2 Upper, OD Green ($1300 trade value/$1200 cash) - GB has them for $1400-$1900 - Lantac Dragon, Costa Ludus Edition - $200 - best break i've ever used, the Chris Costa...
1-2 of 2 Results