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  1. Trading Post
    LAM 1000 (military PEQ-14) rail mounted light/laser module with visible and IR modes made by Insight. I bought it used from a police department buddy of mine and need a new optic more than this. Has 6 modes; red laser, white light, laser&light, IR laser, IR light, and IR laser&light. Pictures...
  2. Trading Post
    *Sold* Selling Lots of Stuff! Including ACR Parts! ​EVERYTHING HAS SOLD Thanks for looking everyone. It's been great doing business with all of you.
  3. Lights & Lasers
    Surefire X400 - $460 - LED light source, 4.5 oz, 2.4 hr runtime, 170 Lumens, aerospace-grade milled aluminum body, water resistant up to 66 feet, scratch resistant tempered pyrex glass + very bright center spot, brightest in short to intermediate range + very bright red laser, brightest in...
1-3 of 4 Results