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  1. ACR Gallery
    So I started off with a black ACR in March of ths year, then decided the Coyote was way too sexy not to have too.Didn't want to spend the money on the Coyote color because they seem to be rare and more expensive then the black ACR's, if I can just get a black one,tear it apart and make it...
  2. Trading Post
    PRICE DROP! I have a really nice condition enhanced black stock. It came off a really low round count black enhanced that i recently bought. Would like to trade for a fixed coyote stock or coyote magpul mlok handguard of some type. Cash +/- either way as needed. Will sell for $130 shipped...
  3. ACR Gallery
    My first post so thought i'd add to the gallery of pics! -two 6.8 Barrels, one bolt -two 5.56 Barrels, one bolt -one fixed stock -one enhanced folding -one enhanced rail -one Remington Defense Handguard
  4. Trading Post
    SOLD For sale is an enhanced rail in FDE. It is in good shape with minimal wear. Decided to invest in some MOE rail segments instead of switching back and forth to the rail for accessories. I really don't know what these are going for so I'm open to reasonable suggestions and offers. That said...
  5. ACR Gallery
    14.25" barrel, lightweight profile, AAC Blackout 51T perm attached by Adco: Geissele Super 3-Gun fire control group: ambi safety shortened and lowered: flipped charging handle: side sling mount removed and plugged with set screws: enhanced stock with dual QD sling swivel sockets: Trijicon...
  6. ACR Gallery
    I can't stop buying upgrades for it. It has the Magpul angled fore-grip, Grip pod, rail gards, and a 4x32 Trijicon acog scope green horseshoe dot with BDC (bullet drop compensator). No problems hitting a 6 inch target at 250 yards. (Need to put the targets back another 100-200yrds next time). I...
1-6 of 6 Results