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  1. ACR Gallery
    So I started off with a black ACR in March of ths year, then decided the Coyote was way too sexy not to have too.Didn't want to spend the money on the Coyote color because they seem to be rare and more expensive then the black ACR's, if I can just get a black one,tear it apart and make it...
  2. Finding an ACR for sale
    Like the title says. Have a basic black scorpion evo pistol to trade toward a coyote acr basic folder. I am in Alabama & i prefer local, but if not we can work out the details. Post then pm me if you have one. Thanks. Edit: Found one and sold the scorpion. Thanks. Admin please lock.
  3. After Action Reports
    I have had a black ACR before. It was one of the older ones made in Windham that i bought new from a major retailer. I sent 400 rounds through it without issue. I loved it, but sold it, because i thought that it was too much money to have sitting in one carbine. Well, i hated myself ever since i...
1-3 of 3 Results