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conversion kit
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  1. Trading Post
    Selling my Nefarious Arms built 6.8 SPC II conversion barrel set. I hardly used it. Comes with an AAC 51T flash hider and extra gas regulator with some other smaller parts. I'm located in central Oregon and can arrange a meet up if reasonably close. Selling to fund an AR10 build. $700 plus...
  2. ACR General Discussion
    I've been trying to find someone to manufacture a conversion kit to make my ACR run 50 Beowulf. No luck thus far. Does anyone have a helpful tip, or can anyone point me in a good direction?
  3. Trading Post
    Grip pod Mako grip pod: This is a relatively unused foregrip/bipod. In the time I had it on my ACR I took the rifle out maybe half a dozen times, I now have a Harris with a QD mount so I'm selling the foregrip. $50 shipped Payment methods accepted: Paypal gift Check (items will ship when...
  4. ACR Technical Discussion
    Everyone, The info on how to get/make/modify ACR barrel assemblies is scattered around the forum quite a bit. Figured that I would take the time, and make an informational post that members of the ACR community can be directed to so they can have work done to, or new barrel assemblies made...
1-4 of 4 Results