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  1. ACR Gallery
    So I started off with a black ACR in March of ths year, then decided the Coyote was way too sexy not to have too.Didn't want to spend the money on the Coyote color because they seem to be rare and more expensive then the black ACR's, if I can just get a black one,tear it apart and make it...
  2. ACR Technical Discussion
    I've been playing with the idea of spiffing up my ACR. My question to you all is this: Duracote or Cerakote. I see that Cerakote is all around better, but I've also heard that it is a pain to apply to polymers... such as my ACR. Will Duracote be any better with polymers? I don't really plan on...
  3. ACR Gallery
    Bushmaster ACR "Savage Stainless" Cerakote on upper, cheek, and PMAGs. Work done by Dale Hunnicutt of Grip Reductions. Furniture includes adjustable stock, Geissele Super ACR trigger, BattleComp 2.0, EOTech 511, MOE MVG, MOE Scout, MS3 sling. Only thing left to do is...
1-3 of 5 Results