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  1. Finding an ACR for sale
    Hey guys, I can't believe I am doing this but I have a baby girl on the way and really could use the money. This is a really rare find and you don't see many come up for sale. If you are interested make me an offer. From my understanding Bushmaster created a few of these ATACS builds and...
  2. ACR General Discussion
    Curious if anyone here has done this yet: Camo Dip Kit - Do It Yourself Water Transfer Camo Dip Kit
  3. ACR Gallery
    So our Scouts were painting all their M4s on Friday and that motivated me to paint my ACR. I started with stripping it down and masking off some areas. Then painted it with grey primer. My first color was a creamy tan all over with a mist of darker tan. Then I used brown with a sniper veil. To...
  4. Lights & Lasers
    Hey everyone. This is my time giving anything a camo paint job, so please don't too rough on me. I used krylon camouflage: brown, flat dark earth and tan. For the design and I used a ceiling & wall patch. Those things were purchased from walmart. I used my surefire that I've "acquired" over...
1-4 of 4 Results