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  1. ACR Technical Discussion
    So I modified a real ACR handguard to go onto my toy.... I mean replica. Oh, and sorry for the blasphemy ahead of time. For reference, the upper has been Cerakoted burnt bronze, I hope the lighting isn't too bad. I had to Dremel the front contacts on the handguard as the MSK handguard...
  2. ACR Gallery
    So, I bought the A&K Airsoft ACR folding stock from, link below. Link (black stock) - This was mostly just to see if it could be modded to fit my actual ACR, not for any serious reason other than I was curious and for $35 it couldn't hurt to try...
  3. Optics and Sights
    I'm looking into some knock-off EOtech sights for my airsoft rifle (not at all interested in paying $300-$400 dollars for the real deal), but I'm concerned with how to keep the lens from getting shot out. I know companies like Evike and Airsoft Gi sell a flip up lense protector plate, but that...
1-3 of 3 Results