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  1. Trading Post
    I’m looking for lower parts for an ACR I would be open to getting another complete ACR lower, preferably in tan if you got one. Mag release w/ button, pin, spring Bolt release w/ pin, spring Mag release, mag release button and bolt release spring are what I'm after most.
  2. ACR General Discussion
    I love my ACR, but like many ACR owners the lack of aftermarket support has been discouraging to say the least. I got tired of waiting for a metal aftermarket lower and a modified safety switch (the current one rubs my trigger finger and is a constant irritation) so I decided to put my recently...
  3. Trading Post
    *Sold* Selling Lots of Stuff! Including ACR Parts! ​EVERYTHING HAS SOLD Thanks for looking everyone. It's been great doing business with all of you.
  4. ACR Technical Discussion
    The Geissele Hi-Speed straight from the factory has a large housing covering the rear of the disconnector where there is an adjustment screw. That housing is on the tail of the trigger, just forward of where the shaft of the safety/selector on an AR would sit. I don't know the exact diameters...
  5. ACR General Discussion
    Well like most of you, I like the idea of the ACR being modular, and I think this entails being able to swap the grip out as well. Although I have no issues with the stock grip. I would like to do a 6.5 DMR ACR build at some point and that could benefit from a different grip. I have had this...
1-5 of 5 Results