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  1. ACR Gallery
    My first post so thought i'd add to the gallery of pics! -two 6.8 Barrels, one bolt -two 5.56 Barrels, one bolt -one fixed stock -one enhanced folding -one enhanced rail -one Remington Defense Handguard
  2. ACR Gallery
    1000 rounds in a couple hours. I need a Geissele Super ACR trigger ASAP. Anyone have any luck with those? Let me know.
  3. 5.56
    So I was doing some searching, and I found this website, . They have a TON of green tip 5.56, or at least they did when i first placed my order. Since I ordered 2 cases of 1000 rounds, I got a phone call from them, confirming who I was (for fraud, I assume). After a brief...
1-3 of 4 Results